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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I purchase additional email accounts, over and above those that come with my hosting plan?

A:  Absolutely.  An unlimited number of additional email are available for a one-time setup fee of $6.00 and a monthly fee of $3.00 per account.  Look at the numbers though, if you need several additional email accounts it may be cheaper to upgrade to a bigger hosting plan that comes with a greater number of email accounts.

Q:  After my website is posted, what happens if I decide I want some more pages added?

A:  OK Webz.com will be happy to add more pages to your website.  The rate per page is the same as under your original design agreement plus charges for any custom component development.

Q:  Do I have to signup for a certain period of time to get a website?

A:  No.  All OK Webz.com hosting plans are on a month-by-month basis.

Q:  I need to have my website published in Spanish, can OK Webz.com help?

A:  Absolutely.  OK Webz.com can publish websites in multiple languages including Spanish, French and others.

Hot Tip
Does your company or organization have multiple office locations or employees that telecommute?  If so, a website with online training and/or Microsoft SharePoint Team Services capabilities can save you time and money by making your workforce more efficient.  Let OK Webz.com design your website and start reaping the benefits.

Online Surveys
Need to research an idea?  Want to know how your company ranks in Customer Satisfaction, implement an Online Survey solution from OK Webz.com and get your answers.

Hosting Special
Signup for any OK Webz.com Windows 2003 Hosting Solution before May 31, 2007
and receive a 20% discount on Hosting setup fees (excludes Merchant account setup).

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