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Online Newsletter Service

Do you have repeat customers?  Would you like to?...Do you sell a product that you periodically distribute information about?...Do you have share holders?...Do you have a large number of employees?...Do you pay for printing and mailing company or organizational newsletters?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you owe it to yourself and your company to take a look at a new service from OK Webz.com.  The new Online Newsletter Service from OK Webz.com is more affordable and far more effective than a printed and mailed company or organizational newsletter...

Features :

Created in the same colorful design as your website for familiarity reasons.
Online newsletters can be as long or as short as you need...no more leaving an article out because it will not fit in the number of printed pages allotted.
Online newsletters can attract people to your website where they are exposed to everything you want them to be...accomplished by links to particular pages of your website placed strategically within the newsletter.

No more folding, stapling and mailing labels to worry with.

No more stamps and postage to pay.

Details :

Initial Newsletter Development
   OK Webz.com will create a colorful design that matches your website and submit it to you for your approval.  Once it is to your liking, all issues of the newsletter will be done in the sale format for consistency.

Creating the Articles
   Each month, or quarter (however often you decide to send an issue out) all you need to do is submit the articles via email to OK Webz.com.  We will take the articles and lay them out in a professional newsletter format that can be read with any Internet browser or with a .html enabled email program (i.e., Microsoft

Sending the Online Newsletter
   Distributing the newsletter can be done in two (2) ways; either you can send the emails yourself or allow OK Webz.com to do it for you.  Either way, you save your company or organization valuable time and money over the cost of printing and mailing a multi-color newsletter by the traditional method.

Pricing :

Initial Newsletter Development
Setup Fee - $150.00

Monthly or Quarterly Newsletter Development
   Setup Fee - $100.00

OK Webz.com Electronic Mailing List Management
   Mailing Fee - $0.12 newsletter mailed


Hot Tip
Find out what your customers think of the way you do business without spending a fortune on paper, printing, mailing, return postage and staff time to analyze the results.  Utilize an Online Survey from OK Webz.com.

Ideas Anyone?
Do you have an idea on how to streamline a work process, but don't have the technical resources to make it happen?  If so, contact OK Webz.com for help.

Email Address
Do you use a MSN, AOL, Yahoo or other email address to conduct your company business?  If so, think about the added name recognition that results from having an email address using your domain name.

All OK Webz.com web hosting solutions come with a generous number of email accounts included, and you can add as many as you want at a very affordable rate.