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Online Survey Service

Would it be beneficial for your company to know what people thought about your customer service, your product or a new product idea?  If so, OK Webz.com provides the quickest and most cost-effective means of obtaining the information you want.  The new OK Webz.com Online Survey Service.  Surveys have been used for years in research and marketing.  Now you can put them to use for you without having to make phone calls or stand in the rain in front of the grocery store.

Features :

Ask the questions you want and solicit controlled answers with drop-down menu selections and/or radio buttons.
Allow the respondent to return a narrative style answer.
Have the results emailed to you or collect them in an online database for analysis anytime you choose.

Eliminate costly printing and mailings.
Collect demographics for follow-up if necessary.

Survey can be repeated periodically to determine efficacy of changes you implement in your business based on survey results.

Details :

Initial Survey Design
   OK Webz.com will work with you to develop a survey that will ask what you want in a manner that will get you results.  We will also establish a report that is emailed to you each time someone completes a survey, or better yet, create an online database that collects the responses.

Analysis of Results
   If you like, OK Webz.com will assist you in determining just what the results mean.

Pricing :

Initial Survey Design
Setup Fee - $150.00

Database Design
Varies by customer's requirements

Analysis of Results
   Free if you use a database we develop

   Manual Analysis - $2.00 per survey received


Hot Tip
Use Online Surveys to research the marketplace before you invest a ton in the development of a new product.

Team-based Collaboration
Let OK Webz.com create a Microsoft SharePoint Team Services website for you and experience what Team-based Collaboration really is.

Website Tip
In order to be effective, your website must be more than just visually appealing.

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