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The Internet or World Wide Web (WWW) has certainly changed the way of life for many of us.  Who would have thought ten years ago that anything could have such an impact on our society and bring about such sweeping changes in the way we approach our everyday activities, both at work and in our personal lives.  Because the Internet is so convenient and because it has become so tightly integrated into our daily routines, it has become a necessity for businesses, organizations and even individuals (in some cases) to have a presence on the web.  Many "experts" believe that a web presence is a critical component to the survivability of an organization, especially a business.

"Any business not on the Internet will not be around in four years."

Bill Gates, Chairman - Microsoft Corporation

Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations have either not realized the benefits or the necessity of a web presence, or have avoided it because they were unfamiliar with web technology and how inexpensive a web presence really is.  Enter OK Webz.com, LLC.  My partner, James Kuhlman, and I founded this company because we firmly believe that a business or organization that does not have a web presence is failing to maximize their potential to reach their target audience.  We at OK Webz.com also believe that an aggressive web presence is the most effective and cost efficient way to reach a target audience today.  As the Internet continues to grow and more people get connected, the target audience grows while the cost of a web presence remains fairly static.  No other media can make this claim.

OK Webz.com offers a complete solution to establishing a web presence for your business or organization.  Unlike many web design firms, we will not shove a "canned" website onto the Internet and expect you to be happy with it.  What we will do is go through a strategic planning process with you to determine exactly what your needs are, learn about your business or organization and develop a professional website based on your input.  Once you have approved your website, we will either assist you in getting it on the web, or provide web hosting services for you to include domain name registration.  Our commitment doesn't stop when your website is up and running.  We offer a multitude of maintenance, support and updating services to our customers.  We at OK Webz.com strive to "raise the standards bar" for customer service and satisfaction.

I invite you to contact OK Webz.com at (336) 391-3580 or by email info@okwebz.com to learn more about how a web presence can benefit your company or organization.  Let OK Webz.com become a resource partner in your endeavors for success.


Rodney L. Overman

Rodney L. Overman, President



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Planning, designing, deploying and managing a web site takes a considerable amount of time.  Let the professionals at OK Webz.com handle all of these tasks for you, and free up your time to manage and grow your business.

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