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OK Webz.com offers several services to help your business or organization succeed in today's fast-paced marketplace.


Online Newsletter Service
OK Webz.com introduces our new Online Newsletter service.  We can design a monthly or quarterly newsletter for you that can be sent to all of your current customers and anyone who registers to receive it on your website.  We can even do the mass emailing for you. It is colorful, it is informative, it is cheaper than printing and mailing, and it gets results.


Online Survey Service
OK Webz.com introduces our new Online Survey service.  We can design a survey that will answer the important questions you want to ask.  Great for research, customer service surveys, new product feedback, developing a new product or service, marketing information and so much more.  OK Webz.com can develop customized surveys for your website that will even tabulate the results if you wish.

On-Site PC Training
OK Webz.com introduces our new On-Site PC Training service.  We can design a training program specific to the needs of your employees on most major software titles as well as the custom integration solutions we design.



Online Catalog
Make your products easier for your customers to find and purchase.  Choose a Business Advanced or Business eCommerce solution from OK Webz.com.

Hot Tip
Need to research an idea?  Want to know how your company ranks in Customer Satisfaction, implement an Online Survey solution from OK Webz.com and get your answers.

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